Thursday, January 13, 2011

Elegy for the Weka (Woodhen)

Unbridled your curiosity and with a
propensity to annex anything moveable,
I salute you Weka, synonym for a thief.
Crafty and impudent, what does it take for a
flightless bird to survive against the odds, to survive
hoons, lazing on verandas in the summer heat,
using you for target practice: and Lady Barker, -
They run quickly, availing themselves of the
least bit of cover, but when you hear a short,
sharp cry, it is a sign that the poor Weka is
nearly done and the next thing you see is Fly
shaking a bundle of brown feathers vehemently.
All the dogs are trained to hunt these birds, as they are
a great torment, sucking eggs and killing chickens.”

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